Alternative meeting:  Kurt gets seated next to Blaine and his nephew on a flight from New York to Los Angeles. 

Kurt had noticed the matching bow-ties simply because they were too freaking adorable to miss. Brightly colored and patterned, it was a wonder how the boy and his… dad? (teen parents, Kurt thought) made the accessories work. The bright smiles on both their faces completed the look. 

During boarding, Kurt lost them in the crowd and as his thoughts were raising fast ahead of him to Los Angeles, he had already all but forgotten them by the time he put his hand-luggage to the over-head compartment. Sighing contently, he took his seat next to the window and tapped his phone to send a few last minutes messages before he’d be forced to put the phone to flight mode. 

"Uncle B! I wanted the window seat!" 

Kurt lifted his eyes from the phone and was more than surprised to see the boy with the yellow bow-tie pouting at the man behind him. 

"Well, Ollie, that seat’s taken," the young man explained with a patient smile. 

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Santana Lopez in Opening Night

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