I really liked your MBTI in villains post and was wondering if you could do one about heroes as well. Thanks!



I’ve gotten loads of requests along these lines but haven’t had the time nor mental energy to sit down and do it until now, so… sorry for the wait. Dunno why you need me to point these out… you can probably identify at least one comic book hero to go with every single type. ;)

Thinker Heroes:

NTJ: Will conceptualize a globally-altering concept through their Ni, then realize it in reality to protect the welfare of the innocent for some greater problem-solving cause (Te). Will selflessly put their life on the line to save others in support of a high moral standard that they refuse to violate (Fi) while being unafraid to be physically involved to ensure the safety of the innocent (Se).

STJ: Likely to draw inspiration from heroes of the past, and create a larger worldview that reflects the intelligence and success of their predecessors, that also attends to immediate needs in the present (Si). They decide who they want to be and what they want to accomplish and set out to successfully do just that (Te) while supporting a higher moral standard of unflinching values they refuse to surrender even under pain of death (Fi). They have a larger worldview and are willing to embrace new ideas and possibilities in their goal of helping others (Ne).

STP: Inclined to rush in and save the day without much need for support, flying by the seat of their pants and able to head off situations as they arise by being in tune with their environment and seeing chances to act to save the day (Se). Analytical problem-solvers, able to think their way out of any situation even when it seems dire (Ti), with a greater desire to protect humanity against nefarious evil (Fe). Also capable of long-term planning if given enough time to reflect (Ni), which builds into their larger vision for their life as a super hero.

NTP: Uses their ability to see possibilities (Ne) and understand how concepts work (Ti) to make up for their physical shortcomings by designing awesome gear to assist them in saving the world from ruthless robots, lizard people, or schoolyard jerks, for the greater good (Fe). Learns from the mistakes of others and brings a sense of patriotism into their work, which also gives them a strong central core of purpose (Si).

Feeler Heroes:

SFJ: Takes their responsibility for the welfare of humanity to a whole new level through building on previous experience, patriotism, and tradition in their approach to solving problems in the present day (Fe and Si). Open to new ideas and concepts only in regards to how they relate to practical, useful and helpful humanitarian purposes (Ne). Unafraid to analyze and criticize outdated systems in the hope of improving them for the greater good of all (Ti).

NFJ: Envisions a greater reality for the benefit of humanity (Ni and Fe), and works toward it with steadfast devotion and patience in seeing their long term idealistic vision realized; unafraid to take risks by taking chances as they arise (Se) and abandon outdated systems that are neither helpful nor successful in realizing their goals (Ti). Likely to be intelligent strategists against their adversaries, and well-liked.

SFP: Strong, assertive, unflinching types who take it upon themselves to save the world one risk-taking action at a time (Se and Fi). Unafraid to get their hands dirty, risk their life to safe someone, or inspire others to the cause through emergent leadership and planning skills (Te). Likely to visualize what they want and pursue it with everything they have.

NFP: Creative, imaginative and idealistic. Though respectful of tradition to some extent and willing to learn from the mistakes and successes of their predecessors (Si), this hero/heroine is more devoted to a free-thinking and free-spirited approach to problem solving, which stems from their own intense moral character (Fi). They are eager to organize others toward a common greater goal and unafraid to change their vision if a better plan arises (Ne).

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby


read it on the AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/2486192


Missing moment on the show: Kurt giving Blaine his New York makeover and finding his boyfriend even hotter now.

Words: 7070, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/2486192

Chris Colfer’s wardrobe [insp x x]

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It doesn’t matter if you’re pretty


or plain,




or short,


or have things all over your face, 


because what truly matters is 


what’s inside you.

this is actually the most meaningful and thoughtful post i have ever seen on tumblr

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Allstate has launched a beautiful campaign aimed at members of the LGBTQ community. Thanks, Allstate! <3

This made me so happy

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AU: Kurt Hummel has always been a very important member of the LGBT community, working hard for equality. Though some people would like to shut him up, he’s still unstoppable.

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basically my life can be summed up in alternating periods of Linda Belcher’s “Alriiiiight!” and Bob Belcher’s “Oh my god”

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stop scrolling and fucking read my words and reblog this. i don’t care how you do it but fucking share this right now.

i’m going to type like one of those annoying ass people who bold their words and speak in caps too and i hate those people on here but who the fck cares just listen to me.

ISIS is honing in on the kurdish city of kobane (ayn al-arab in arabic), which is right on the border with turkey. over 400,000 kurds have left their native town out of fear. during this whole time, ISIS has been massacring people who are mostly kurds living in the villages around kobane.

young kurdish men are being BEHEADED in the streets. kurdish yezidi and assyrian women and girls are raped, kidnapped, and sold into sex slavery. NOW OTHER FAMILIES ARE ACTUALLY KILLING THEIR YOUNG DAUGHTERS TO PREVENT THIS. GIRLS AS YOUNG AS 8 OR 12 ARE JUMPING OFF CLIFFS TO AVOID THIS LIFE AND YOU’RE IGNORING THIS.

i’m used to this because no one cares about the kurds. no one cares about the minorities of the middle east. it’s been 130 years of genocides after genocides after massacres after village destruction and internal displacements that i’m immune to this but this is just too much. we have our own protection services but we are working on little to no money and weapons from the early 1990s and 2000s. how are we going to protect ourselves from a terrorist group who has millions of dollars to their name and turkey to protect them?

now turkey has been denying they support ISIS in any way possible but how can they not be supporting them when the foreign defense minister pardoned them of their crimes? how can they not be supporting ISIS when they allow future militants from the US and europe to go through its borders and enter syria via secret border holes that are actually facilitated by the turkish military? and then when they are injured they’re rushed off to turkey where they get intensive hospital care in all the border towns, how is that not support?

my question to you is, when will you care? when, after how many weeks of the topic of ISIS being on the news, did you stop caring? was it the moment you heard “another conflict in the middle east”? or are millions of lives at stake just a grain of sand to you while you try to block it all out to focus on stupid ass marvel movies or a movie about a goddamn raccoon?

why have i only seen support for us kurds by warmongers and weird conservatives who think a woman who is putting her life on the line to protect her family and country is the definition of feminism even though she has no choice?


if thousands of people can rally together to support palestine in the street, in art, in movies, and on the internet, you can do this, too. don’t be a goddamn hypocrite AND SUBSEQUENTLY SUPPORT A GENOCIDE OF ANCIENT PEOPLE, DUDE.

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Fic Rec: Make a Lover of Me


Author:  twobirdsonesong

Summary:  Kurt Hummel has just moved from Ohio to Los Angeles and he has no idea what he’s doing there. He begins an internship at a talent agency where he meets Blaine Anderson, an assistant who has more to his name than Kurt knows.

Rating:   Mature

Chapters:  7                              Word Count:  28K+

Read on:   AO3


Mpreg!Kurt verse in which their first born is four years old when Kurt and Blaine tell him that he will get a little brother or -sister. 

This drabble also includes anon’s prompt to have Kurt do something he wasn’t supposed to be doing. 



Kurt knows when he crosses ‘broccoli’ off the grocery list because even the thought of it makes him gag. He gasps out a quiet “Oh my God” that no one hears and gives himself a few moments to just sit and stare at his own writing. For a few seconds, he allows himself to think that he’s just being paranoid and that he’s just not in the mood for broccoli. But then someone walks by his office with Chinese take out and the smell of steamed broccoli floats to Kurt’s nostrils. 

He ducks under the table and pukes his own lunch into the trash bin. 

"Oh my God." 

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sabotage (the best thing that I have) - Klaine - [1/1]


Klaine | rated: R | words: 4.7k | AO3 | 'verse: collapse into me (tired with joy) | [1] it’s not as easy (as willing it all to be right) | A First Son!Kurt AU

warnings for this part include: gunfire, injury, death threats, references to suicide (not contemplated by any of the characters)

Many thanks once more to wheretheshadowslie for being a super special awesome beta.

[We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news—]


[—Shots fired outside the benefit at the town hall—]


[—And we can confirm that President Hummel and his son were among the wounded—]


[—President Hummel has been shot. I repeat: President Hummel has been shot.]


[We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news—]


[—Shots fired outside the benefit at the town hall—]


[—And we can confirm that President Hummel and his son were among the wounded—]


[—President Hummel has been shot. I repeat: President Hummel has been shot.]


sabotage (the best thing that I have)
by daswarschonkaputt

“This is all your fault.”

Kurt doesn’t move apart from scrolling upwards on his phone screen.

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Fic Rec: Already Home


Author:  missbeizy

Summary:  Vampire!Blaine/human!Kurt. Early!Klaine. Rachel convinces Kurt to join the Vampire Hunting Club their senior year because it’s the only one they haven’t joined. Blaine transfers to McKinley and decides to join the club in order to try and hide in plain sight.

Rating:   Explicit

Chapters:  1                              Word Count:  12K+

Read on:   AO3