alright so i haven’t posted my chris stuff yet but THIS HAPPENED!!! i went to the decatur signing on sunday, and let me say it was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. i met up with some amazing people but i also got to meet this beautiful man. i got 4 books signed (the one holding the cover down is my friends) because i wanted to donate them to my girl scout troop. basically i was there an hour early and met up with some friends. we were in starbucks and then around 7:45 we went and got in line! i was spot 110 in line. i was basically shaking the entire time. i got into the book store and was freaking out and shoved my mom my phone to take pictures. i tried to figure out what to say before hand and i finally decided to ask him about his myers brigg type. my conversation basically went like this:

me: [i handed him my letter] um, yeah, hi, i wrote you this because i was terrified about not being able to speak on the way here. 

chris: oh thank you! 

me: yeah, um, hi, im caroline! [i reached out and shook his hand here]

chris: [laughs a little and shakes my hand]

me: yeah, so, i was wondering, do you know your myers brigg type?

chris: um, i think i know what that is…

me: oh, its a personality test thing!

him: ohhhhhh! is it the one with the letters? [i nodded] i don’t remember mine specifically but i do remember I’m an introvert!


chris: maybe not around YOU but I hibernate sometimes. (that’s the picture where alla is leaning over laughing and chris is looking at her like that it was so cute and made me so happy i made them both laugh omg)

me: okay um thank you! [i reach for my books] WAIT, i’m just gonna shake your hand again, if that’s okay?

chris: [laughs] go ahead sweetie! [he shakes my hand then i grabbed my books and ran away]

all in all it was one of the best days of my life and i still can’t believe it happened. i basically found a corner in the book store and hyperventilated for a bit [look i included a picture because yolo] and i still want to scream every time i think of this happening and how it was a thing that was real and happened to me. he’s so beautiful and he hadn’t shaved in lord knows how long because he was rocking that scruff. he was just gorgeous and his hands are so soft. his laugh is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever heard and when he sassed alla i think i almost collapsed. i don’t know how i was able to make my brain smart enough to grab my phone and selfie after (the woman who took my books who worked for the store basically grabbed it out of my hand and put it on the table) but i did and im so glad i did it bc i have a selfie with chris colfer in the background, what even is my life? also he called me sweetie lol bye.

tl;dr: chris says he’s an introvert, he called me sweetie and shook my hand twice, and i made both him and alla laugh. also, he’s the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen.